Ostriv is a city-building game that puts you in a role of a governor of an 18th century town to challenge your creative skills and management abilities. Dive into the story mode and decide the fate of your country, or just build your cities for fun in sandbox mode.

The game is currently in development; therefore everything described here applies to the current state of development, not the end product.


Create your cities from a large set of customizable buildings, manage various production chains, negotiate with neighboring towns to trade, define taxes and policies, and watch as Ostriv’s world reacts to your decisions in a natural way.

– detailed economic simulation and human behavior
People in game act like people: they have their own motivation, needs and skills. Citizens will take jobs only if they are satisfied with them (or they are desperate). They can sell goods and services to each other on the local market. Wealthy citizens could start their own business in your town and hire other people.

They can also resort to violence and crime when their needs are not fulfilled.

You will need to influence your city by means of setting prices, taxes and various policies. Each decision will certainly lead to some reaction of the society.

– trade
Explore new routes to trade with neighboring towns by land or distant countries by sea.

– transport
For more effective resource transportation inside the town or for outer trade you will need vehicles. Wagons and wheelbarrows could be built by a local carpenter or to be bought from outside.
The breeding of draft horses and oxen is also required to move resources as well as for cultivation of fields.

– unrestricted building placement
Shape your towns the way you want, without any kind of grid or angle restriction for placing buildings. Any building could be placed on any angle. Building on slopes is also available.

– roads modeling
Dirt roads are formed in a natural way at places, where people move the most. You can build paved roads for more comfort and better aesthetics, but they’ll be used only in case of reasonable placement.

– dynamic seasons change

– a unique visual style inspired by Ukrainian architecture and way of life



Screenshots of current state of the game. To be updated as the development goes on.


My name is Yevheniy and I came to this world to create the best city-building experience I can and some other stuff. I live in Kharkiv, Ukraine and developing Ostriv alone on my spare time since 2014. This site is online since October 2016 and you are still welcome here!
You can talk to me by this email: yevheniy@ostrivgame.com

release date

The game is currently in a phase of closed gameplay testing. Based on that, I’m going to improve it up to the state when I won’t be ashamed of releasing my development build to the public via this website. Thereafter, I will release updates, adding all the planned features and making corrections based on your feedback. My current estimate for Alpha 1 is September or October. The initial release will target Microsoft Windows OS, with Linux and Mac planned after that. Follow the news on my dev blog, Facebook, Twitter for more information! Also follow my Steam Greenlight page

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