Alpha 3 patch 4

This update was planned to be a bit bigger, but as some of you are too eager to try some new stuff already, we’re postponing the customizable house yards to the next update. Anyway, this one should have enough to entertain you during the wait. Here we go:


  • Added a checkbox to only produce dried fish on a fishing dock
  • Slightly improved CPU performance in big towns
  • Slightly improved the bridge model
  • Added a checkbox “Only available” in warehouse and trading post resource selector
  • Improved the chicken model
  • New building: trading dock

  • Added a new town to trade with (by river)
  • Added slower building rotation when Ctrl pressed
  • Added a stricter limit on how far from home can someone work
  • Cowshed workers will not mow hay too far from their cowshed
  • Industry now uses hi-tech solutions for water supply

  • Increased leather price
  • Removed a hotkey to rotate building 180 degrees (90 seems enough)
  • Optimized CPU performance when using FPS limiting
  • Added shadows on water surface

  • Increased maximum number of workers at Carpentry and Smithy to 3
  • Now showing the field size during creation. Also visible in field’s properties
  • Can now slaughter horses when really hungry
  • Numbers in trade deal dialog are now calculated as you type
  • Added another bench model

  • Field workers can now take more than one stook on the way back, greatly reducing crop gathering time
  • When emptying a building, resource amounts <1 are removed automatically
  • Added a help text for the fishing dock
  • One fishing trip now brings 9 to 15 units of fish (later will depend on various factors)
  • Added a new map:

  • Added a reminder to build a trading post when running out of iron
  • Increased the starting treasury to 2000 hryvnias
  • Several minor UI changes


  • Was too little Ox, Bull, Boar proposal
  • Crash with boats on RX 5700, RX 5600 and Vega – now confirmed
  • Weird trade wagon animation on a bridge
  • Building houses on the map border made out-of-border areas accessible
  • “Apply to all” applied to unfinished buildings
  • Crash after relocating a cart
  • A few crashes on extremely big towns
  • Crash after closing popup windows with Esc key
  • A crash related to plough construction
  • Fields could get stuck on plowing
  • Grass under bridge was wrongfully trampled
  • Reassigning fields during gathering led to leftover “awaiting” resources never delivered
  • Fishing boats preferred closest fishing spots not taking length to account (may still take some time for them to learn)
  • The eggs were sold to citizens 100 times more expensive than needed
  • Supply by wagon didn’t work for market stalls
  • Couldn’t demolish unfinished lime kiln in some cases

If you’re using a drm-free version, you can update it by downloading the game again form your old link and replacing the files (you can find you Steam and GOG keys by that link as well). Steam and GOG versions should update automatically.