Alpha 4 patch 2


  • Added an option for carpentry to repair vehicles before they are broken
  • Added some clarifications in help
  • Can now grow flax on farm fields and use it for textile and linseed production
  • Linseed added as an option for animal feed
  • Citizens can now hold beehives on their gardens
  • Honey can now be bought from citizens
  • Can now additionally tax families with wealth over 100 hryvnias
  • Right click is now more useful when creating fences
  • Added help description for carpentry


  • Cursor disappeared after changing its size
  • Kids could attend more than one school at once
  • Could bind multiple actions to a single hotkey in options
  • Fixed a possible cause of save file corruption (need confirmation)
  • Bridge builders were walking through and under it
  • Couldn’t demolish some bridges
  • Could build over fences
  • A memory leak related to trade boats
  • Crash after constructing the town hall