Alpha 4 patch 4

This update features the coolest water mill in gaming history (well, at least I think so). Buildings in Ostriv never had so many moving parts before and we really hope you’ll be able to notice them all:)


  • New building: sheep farm
  • New building: fulling mill (processes wool to broadcloth for warm clothes production)
  • Citizens will now less likely make apiaries on their gardens
  • Added another town for river trade
  • New resources are now available to trade with other towns
  • Can now put a vacant house on hold so no one moves in
  • Carpentry storage capacity increased to 8000 (was 6000)
  • Smithy storage capacity increased to 6000 (was 5000)
  • Can now tan sheepskin in tannery
  • Added help text for hay barrack
  • Can now produce warm clothes at the tailor’s workshop
  • Added help text for tailor’s workshop
  • Citizens will now buy warm clothes from the market stalls
  • People are a bit more picky on age when getting married
  • Esc key now stops hovering building, not showing the main menu
  • Buildbar is now hidden while hovering building (saves some screen space)
  • Shoes, Clothes and Warm clothes are now among the necessary goods
  • Slightly improved hammering animation
  • Minor UI changes


  • Fixed possible cause of random crashes with subsequent corrupted autosaves (need confirmation)
  • Foresters stopped planting trees in some cases
  • Capacity was shown in buildings where it’s not applicable
  • Could turn house gardens inside out leading to navigational issues
  • New export options were not available for older saves
  • Flax was visible during plowing
  • Laborers had their monthly income calculated wrong
  • Laborers list didn’t update properly
  • Could order bulls and oxen no one asked
  • Citizens could haul unlimited amounts of resources by hands when selling garden produce