Alpha 4 patch 5


  • New building: tavern

  • Citizens will now occasionally buy alcohol from the market or visit a tavern
  • CPUs with more than 8 threads will use more of their processing power
  • Churches will now have priests
  • Added a context menu for vehicles

  • Added help text for windmill
  • Added help text for charcoal pile
  • Once again optimized pathfinding
  • Can now copy a resource list from one granary to another
  • Added more help text for village house
  • Added a notification if there’s no workers to take care of animals
  • Clay pits are now being dug up by builders, not constructed instantly
  • Clay pits are now demolishable
  • Added scrolling in help window (those text don’t get any shorter)
  • Added a bit more visible logs in the forestry storage
  • New families arrive with a bit randomized wealth now
  • Can now import alcohol
  • Having a tavern in the town is now required to grow population over 400
  • Slightly increased apiary probability


  • Some of the fulling mills had wrong occupied space footprint
  • Workers were hired while resting
  • Buildings around clay pit could create glitches in the pit
  • Crash related to moving resources by carts (for real this time)
  • Sheep from different farms could be sent to the same field (and several issues stemming from it)
  • Potentially fixed the “citizen stuck” issue (need confirmation)