Alpha 4 patch 6

Got some more new stuff for you to check out.

Older saves are supported as usually, but it is not recommended to demolish buildings finished in previous versions.

The “citizens stuck” bug is a bit tricky. There have been some changes made that may help sorting that out, but it needs more testing in the wild. So looking forward to your feedback!


  • Lots of small performance optimizations
  • New building: smeltery (for iron production)

  • If a trading dock is blocked, trade boats will not arrive in it
  • Can’t build a trading dock now if trading route is obstructed by a dam
  • Improved the look of paths created by traffic (might take an in-game year for new paths to establish in older saves)

  • Slightly optimized construction
  • Improved later game performance
  • Workers will now be more selective on where to put resources from emptied buildings
  • Added trade wagon sound
  • Constructed building now shows the actual combined list of builders in properties
  • Added seasonal hiring options for construction workers
  • New building: big hay barrack (stores 7 times as a regular one)

  • Can import more alcohol now
  • Added help text for stable
  • Trading wagons will wait a bit longer for workers
  • Slightly reduced charcoal pile productivity
  • People will now better distribute shopping responsibilities in family
  • Increased cowshed and sheep farm storage capacity to 7000
  • Slightly reduced yield of non-plowed fields
  • Now keeping selection on source building when relocating animals
  • Added a notification when a child is born
  • Can now destroy resources loaded into the lime kiln
  • Can now import iron ore
  • Added two more levels of earlier autosaves
  • Random messengers will now visit more often, especially as the town grows
  • Now showing a year of planting for every crop icon in a field
  • The current crop is always shown first in crop rotation sequence now
  • Added bug reporting instructions to the main screen
  • Slightly improved hire options UI
  • Other minor UI changes


  • Imported sheep were wrongfully sheared after delivery
  • Clicking on builder’s workplace didn’t select the building correctly
  • Fulling mill created navigation problems if demolished
  • Potentially fixed some rare cases of multiple buildings on top of each other
  • Constructed buildings didn’t have any snow on them
  • Could extract unlimited taxes from tavern owners
  • Doors could float in the air after demolishing buildings
  • Cart relocation sometimes didn’t work properly for cart sheds
  • Tents would stay forever if all carts are in a shed
  • Deactivated fallow field didn’t restore nutrients
  • A newborn cow or sheep could be mistakenly taken for slaughter while moving herd to pasture
  • Potentially fixed severe glitches on older AMD video cards (need confirmation)
  • Adults applied to school while working
  • Could build a fishing dock with entrance on the water
  • Charcoal pile didn’t have proper visual charcoal amount
  • Fishing boats traveled too far in some cases
  • Taverners could stuck in endless buying cycle
  • It was possible to create unwanted reserves by using “Move resources” feature
  • A worker could stuck in a clay pit if it’s being demolished
  • Could not demolish a cowshed in some cases
  • Random crashes long after demolishing a mining camp
  • Crash related to tavern
  • Some fulling mills had distorted resources models while constructed