Alpha 4 patch 7 hotfix 2


  • Added a message when a new couple have married
  • “Take from other granaries/warehouses” checkbox now avoids cyclic deliveries
  • The list of resources now divides to columns if too long to fit on screen
  • Added a help entry for seasonal hiring
  • Slightly reduced orchard productivity


  • Crash after moving resources to a cart parking
  • Potentially fixed the “citizens stuck” problem on 2-core processors in early game
  • Could relocate more than two animals to saltworks
  • Crash after demolishing saltworks with livestock
  • Non-rectangular orchard had incorrect outline when selected
  • Some fulling mills and smelteries had incorrect outline when selected
  • Water navigation problems after demolishing or cancelling a fulling mill (will stay in old saves if already happened)
  • Suboptimal pathfinding where buildings were demolished
  • Crash after demolishing a reforestation area being planted
  • Crash on F1 in some cases
  • Another case of buildings on top of each other