Alpha 4 patch 7

As we’re working towards a huge future Alpha 5 release, a lot of time is spent there. But judging on previous feedback I thought it would be better to give you at least some smaller patches while you wait for a big one.

Here’s what we’ve got for you so far:


  • Added 4 new tree types: maple, apple, apricot and cherry

  • Garden-owning citizens will now be able to harvest their fruit trees
  • Added a centralized help window accessible through a button near the minimap (content will be expanded later)

  • Added status strings for mining camp when no reachable deposits
  • A few minor optimizations
  • Added 5 new crops for private gardens (garlic, horseradish, marrow, peas, pumpkin)

  • Gardeners will now be able to rotate some of their crops
  • Added help text for boatyard
  • Added preventive repairs option to boatyard
  • Added one more fence model

  • Slightly reduced food consumption for children
  • Added sounds for sheep
  • New building: orchard

  • Orchards can be customized during creation, just like houses with a garden
  • Added a waterwheel sound
  • Can now grow barley on farm fields (will have more uses later)

  • Slightly better performance on huge towns with resource supply by laborers
  • Draft animals will now die of old age
  • Added a new map featuring an infinite limestone deposit

  • Can now export apples
  • Reduced camera speed when zoomed in
  • A few more optimizations for big towns


  • A rare crash when hovering building
  • Cows and sheep could stop reproducing if only one worker hired
  • Citizens didn’t consume alcohol they bought
  • Houses put “on hold” were counted as available in migration status
  • Granary and warehouse workers could supply infinitely small amounts of resources
  • An exploit that allowed instant construction – Експлойт, що дозволяв будувати миттєво
  • Saltworks menu popup reported incorrect amounts of construction resources
  • Saves with smeltery being constructed could get corrupted
  • All map could become “inaccessible” after building a bridge
  • A crash during tannery construction
  • Crash after some taverner family members died of old age