Alpha 5 hotfix 4


  • Can now paint trees to be protected

  • Expanded some help texts
  • Citizens will now also use carts from far away if can’t find close one for too long
  • Can now relocate families between village houses and apartments
  • Increased milk production from cows and sheep
  • Minor UI changes and fixes


  • Had problems supplying horseshoes and tack to wagon sheds
  • Crash when barber’s or taverner’s kid decides to get married
  • Couldn’t plant trees near bushes
  • Could build rowhouses inside out
  • Iron ore mine didn’t display warning about lack of wood
  • Rowhouse with store created incorrect occupied space
  • Personal log was unreadable in some cases
  • Crash on demolishing big pavement areas
  • Demolishing hopyards could lead to corrupted saves
  • Crash when two related families decide to move out