Alpha 5 patch 1


  • A couple of slight optimizations
  • New building: stone storage (can store stone, limestone or iron ore)

  • Now showing a notification if animal feed supply is low
  • Warehouses now have 5 slots instead of 4
  • Citizens will now be able to dry fruits at home to prevent spoilage

  • Limeworks workers will now empty the small remains of quicklime from the kiln
  • Saves from Alpha 3 (before March 2021) are not supported anymore
  • Can now store bricks in a warehouse
  • If charcoal piles are placed nearby, they will be filled in a queue
  • Rowhouse store can now be a destination to move resources
  • Added help for supply options


  • “Continue” didn’t work for non-latin named files
  • Could use newborn oxen as draft animals
  • Some hire options didn’t “apply to all buildings”
  • Incorrect balance graph if all values are negative
  • Family tree listed separately-living siblings as children of weird age
  • Wrong model elevation during fulling mill construction
  • Another crash on demolishing rowhouses
  • Some other issues related to rowhouses
  • White lines on demolishing various buildings
  • Resources overlapped other UI items in some cases
  • Removing a cart to be relocated made recipient wait for it eternally
  • Crash in some UI actions