Alpha 5 patch 3

Enjoy this bakery-less update and don’t forget that russia is a terrorist state!


  • New buildings: ashery, glassworks, soapworks

  • Orphans will now move in with their older siblings if possible
  • Bridges will now change themselves instead of trying to change the environment

  • New resources

  • Slaughtering cows will now also produce tallow
  • Citizens will now buy glassware and soap from the market
  • Rowhouses construction will now require window glass
  • Expanded the smithy help a bit
  • Optimized houses rendering
  • Improved loading speed for saves with big cities (old saves will load longer for the first time)
  • Added help for each of 3 stats tabs
  • Slightly improved UI in carpenteries and boatyards


  • Couldn’t plant trees near bushes in village house yards
  • Fixed a few memory leaks
  • Not being able to demolish saltworks in some cases
  • Couldn’t demolish benches in some cases
  • Could demolish a rowhouse without emptying the store, leading to crashes
  • Another crash related to demolishing rowhouses
  • Invisible fields in big cities
  • Crash related to clay pit demolishing
  • Weird pathfinding behavior around iron ore mines (will stay in old saves)
  • Problems with water supply in some chicken coops
  • Wells sometimes held too much water
  • Saltworks stopped pumping brine in some cases
  • Some people could live forever by constantly shopping