Alpha 5 patch 4

Let’s see what we’ve got here.


  • New building: pottery

  • New resources:

  • Citizens will now buy earthenware from the market
  • More variations of rowhouse roofs

  • New building: brick arch

  • Added help for saddlery
  • Horses/Oxen age is now displayed in wagon/plough properties
  • Slightly increased dairy productivity
  • Added a message when someone moves in with their relatives
  • Added an option to change bulls/rams livestock ratio to optimize for milk production


  • Newborn cows and sheep tended to die of hunger during summer
  • Inappropriate behavior while building a bridge
  • A case of white lines during tree chopping
  • Wrong status text for those riding a wagon
  • Random crashes on emptying buildings
  • Ash didn’t show as an available resource
  • Treasury and Resources tab help wasn’t translated to English
  • Sand stacks were rendered wrong
  • [for real this time] Weird pathfinding behavior around iron ore mines (will stay in old saves)
  • Carters could get stuck in their job cycle for too long
  • People who died of sickness could also die from old age to boot
  • Some buildings near water had incorrect selection visuals
  • Could put a newborn ox to work
  • Foresters could stuck forever trying to carry a tree
  • Carpenters didn’t mind driving horseless wagons
  • Draft animals in wagons and ploughs didn’t age
  • A crash on save in late game
  • A random crash during planting decorative trees
  • Couldn’t empty stone storages
  • Trade deals could get stuck in certain conditions
  • Other minor fixes