Alpha 5 patch 5


  • Added a hotkey to temporarily hide the UI (for nice screenshots), which is ‘H’ by default
  • Cart/wagon sheds will now prioritize special orders over construction supply
  • Added a new panel to show all current delivery orders

  • Village house gardens will now tend to split to more crop plots
  • Some buildings will now automatically change their pavement style if nearby paved area

  • Added hotkeys (F1/F2 by default) to change brush radius when marking trees
  • A new rowhouse variation

  • Two new fences

  • New building: stone bridge

  • Added tooltips on all family tree items
  • New map with lots of unlimited resources and a nice lake

  • Other minor changes


  • Another case of construction getting stuck
  • Cursor was invisible in fullscreen if mouse trail is enabled
  • Couldn’t copy a barley field
  • Some UI glitches related to vehicles/animals relocation
  • A bull could be taken to two places at once leading to unexpected results
  • Navigation issues between long village house fences
  • “On hold” didn’t always work properly for rowhouses
  • There was no lye supply option for ashery
  • All plough oxen died exactly at the same age
  • One of the roof variations added in the previous update never appeared in game
  • Charcoal pile deliveries could stuck in a cycle
  • Asheries could cycle-deliver ash to each other
  • Some edge cases with sheep livestock optimization
  • Couldn’t destroy a cart if it needed repair
  • Visual glitches on some water wells