Alpha 5 patch 6

A nice little update for you to enjoy after spending a whole day trying to do all you can to defeat the russia.


  • Can now place burial plots by rows

  • Pigs can now also be fed apples, marrow and pumpkin
  • Can now prioritize a stone deposit to be collected first
  • Animal feed storage space in livestock buildings is now reserved (so can now still be fed even if storage is full)
  • Now showing a notification if a wagon shed lacks horseshoes or tack
  • Can now destroy a specific amount of certain resource, not just all resources at once

  • Orchards can now produce dried fruit
  • Slightly optimized pathfinding


  • Stone bridge construction could get stuck in some cases
  • Crash on changing construction priority in some cases
  • Crash on demolishing buildings in some cases
  • Fishing boats didn’t always choose the most optimal fishing spot
  • Some problems with stone deposits availability (only fixed for new games)