Alpha 5 patch 7

This update features a completely reworked info overlays window which allows you to see a lot of useful information about your town. You can now also bind it to any key you like in options (by default its on O).

Let’s see what overlays are available.

  • This one shows all the resources in your town, including those on the move:

  • If you want to know about the specific resource location, this one may be useful:

  • Everything you have stocked for export:

  • The local market overlay should already be familiar:

  • Looking for a place to put your resources? This one shows all the storage space:

  • Can now satisfy all your workforce micromanagement needs in a single screen:

  • All the water supply separately for citizens and production:

  • This one shows who’s got all the money:

  • Optimal fishing docks placement should be much easier now:

There’s also some other things as usual:


  • Can now copy village house configuration with eyedropper

  • Families are slightly less likely to have just one child
  • Can now set if a field can be used as a pasture when fallow
  • Added a preview of which additional areas will be paved after pavement area completion

  • Added a notification for when a fishing dock has no boats or they all need repair
  • Minor UI changes


  • Cart shed workers sometimes had wrong workday status
  • “Destroy resources” didn’t have logs and water
  • Slaughterhouse couldn’t hire laborers
  • Crash when trying to place a gazebo on trees
  • Could build a farm field with the entrance on water
  • Cart sheds and wagon sheds continued supplying buildings even if they were set to be emptied
  • Field assignments could mess up leading to fields stuck in pasture mode
  • Trade wagon wheels turned at an incorrect speed
  • Could order boat relocation to unreachable body of water leading to stuck relocation
  • Top bar could sometimes be visible even when the UI is hidden