Alpha 1 patch 1

First of all I want to thank all the awesome people around the world, who backlogged me with bug reports, who simply bought the game to support me and of course all the youtube and twitch content creators who made this all possible by providing some really great visibility!

Ok, here’s what’s fixed so far:

  • fixed a famous bug that brought parts of terrain from parallel universes and created gravitational singularities aka sinkholes
  • removed a debug feature which allowed to build all buildings immediately
  • crash after farm slots removed during season and the last slot is current
  • another crash related to terminated deals and trade wagons
  • changed the way game clock works (had timing problems on some cutting-edge CPUs)
  • distance to other towns and messenger cost relied on UI scale
  • sometimes roads appeared from other dimension/time for no reason
  • some of the UI elements didn’t scale properly on UI scaling
  • added some of the missing strings (Plough, Fishing boat etc)

some problems may still persist in old saves, but won’t appear again

There’s two ways to update your game:
1. you can just download it again from Humble with the same link they sent you when you purchased the game and then replace it completely with your current version.
2. since only one file affected, you can just download it and unpack in your Ostriv directory, replacing ostriv.exe: