Alpha 1 patch 3

So here comes the next batch of fixes. Still far from all (as I write this, there’s 67 more unread emails, most of which are bug reports). Hope I’ll get this all sorted out in next week to finally get back to adding new features.


  • can now store wheat and sunflower in a granary
  • can now prioritize gathering over reaping on a farm
  • added a progress bar in each field row in farm interface
  • slightly increased cows birth rate
  • added model of potato baskets on a cart
  • added an option to simplify shadows (for better performance)
  • more reeds on the first map
  • added an offline tool to change graphical settings without running game (ostriv_settings.exe)


  • goods stopped being delivered to the trading post in some cases
  • month number was incorrect in save names
  • various things weren’t cleared between game sessions (money, wages etc.)
  • random crash after town hall construction finished
  • number of people looking for job was always 0 on pause
  • imported goods were always delivered in amount of 1.0, no matter how much actually ordered
  • citizens, who moved out weren’t properly fired from laborer positions, leading to unexpected results, including broken saves
  • numbers rounding in a trade deal dialog was a bit wrong
  • occupied space indication didn’t show on some buildings in bigger towns (150+ population)
  • crash when trying to get cows on pasture that is not yet ready (still removing trees)
  • random crash when trying to create a new field/pasture
  • firewood price wasn’t affected by town hall price settings
  • no one works for free now
  • crash when changing construction priority
  • when new local families formed in later game, it led to various unexpected results, including carts stuck to citizens

some problems may still persist in old saves, but won’t appear again.

To update your game you can just download it again from Humble with the same link they sent you when you purchased the game and then replace it completely with your current version. Your saves will stay.