Alpha 2 development update

It has been quite some time since I’ve posted anything in this blog, so I thought it would be nice to give an update to everyone who don’t follow my twitter. Also adding some news for those who do.

Here’s an incomplete list of features, that you can definitely expect from Alpha 2:
• Improved UI
• More sounds and an original soundtrack
• Vehicles wearing out and repair
• Better models for trees and plants
• Optional key bindings. Also new hotkeys added
• More realistic food consumption, variety demand
• Graveyards (unfortunately your citizens will no longer be immortal)
• Pigsty
• Boats and ploughs relocation + 2 more ploughs per a farm
• More animations
• More realistic navigation
• Game performance optimization
• Construction workers will also deliver resources to construction site
• Free-form fields
• Icons over buildings showing problems

All that features are either ready or now in works. I’ll post a full list when an update comes out.

You might be curious what is taking so long? Don’t forget to keep in mind that the project you have supported is very ambitious and had been like this from the beginning. There’s no way one can design a game like this in theory and just implement it. Every new feature needs to be tested, changed, tested again and so on. Some features just don’t work out and should be replaced completely. Let’s see an example: I received a lot of positive feedback on the way I implemented paths in game. While not exactly a new invention, it’s still a unique feature because of the unprecedented level of detail. But was it a simple solution? Not really. I’ve been trying various techniques starting from February, 2016 and only came up with the current solution in September. And even now I can still see a room for improvement. So it takes a lot of time and energy to make something really stand out. That’s the main reason why we don’t have masterpiece games being released every day. Also that’s the reason why I can’t give you an ETA for this next update.

You might ask why not release what’s ready so far, and here’s why: all the additions that I do now tend to break old saves compatibility. And it’s much better to batch all these changes in one patch, so players shouldn’t meet the frustration of losing all their progress with each update. Also I still have a huge amount of tasks from the feedback on Alpha 1 and I’d better have all old problems solved by the time I’ll get a new wave of suggestions and bug reports when Alpha 2 comes out. I’m interested in releasing alpha 2 as soon as possible more than anyone. So.. just thanks in advance for your patience.

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Just reminding that you can support the development by purchasing current latest public version 0.1.8 with this widget. Everyone who owns alpha 1 will get alpha 2 and all future updates with no extra charge.

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