Alpha 1 patch 8

So here’s the bad news – this is the last update for Alpha 1. But there’s also a good one: from this moment I’m getting down to the next alpha, which will bring a lot more new features. Of course the development of this new version will take much more time but I’m sure it worth it.

During open testing of Alpha 1 I gathered a whole lot of useful feedback and it lets me see the future of Ostriv clear like never before. First of all it’s time to completely overhaul the UI, improve pathfinding and graphics. Sure there will also be a lot of new buildings. Some game systems require substantial changes, so this new version will not have backwards compatibility with alpha 1 saves.

Follow the news to learn more about alpha 2 later.

But here’s what we have now:


  • chickens are now born as hatchlings and can only produce eggs after 6 months old
  • added walking animation for chickens
  • smithy now emits black smoke when working
  • can now relocate chickens between coops
  • recompiled libraries to remove VS2013 dependency


  • water reflection only looked as intended on 1920×1080 screen resolution
  • water platforms on both sides of the river caused waterwalking
  • some resource amounts flickered on pause
  • when starting new game after another game loaded, some information on worldmap has no been properly cleared
  • it was possible to create a field out of map borders, leading to random crashes

Some problems may still persist in old saves, but won’t appear again.

To update your game you can just download it again from Humble with the same link they sent you when you purchased the game and then replace it completely with your current version. Your saves will stay.

If you have lost your link, you can use this tool to regain access:

If you have errors regarding “MSVCP140.dll” you need to install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017. Here’s the direct link: