Alpha 2 patch 2

Here we go:


  • New building: a small chapel
  • Added a 64-bit version of the game (should slightly improve performance on 64-bit systems)
  • Can now demolish fallow fields during season if not using as a pasture
  • Added a new fence model
  • Can now apply hire options to all buildings of this type
  • Slightly improved citizen clothes variety
  • Increased the time a trade wagon waits for workers to load/unload it
  • Added a search feature to cycle through all the buildings of the same type
  • Can now specify how much to stock raw materials or animal food in supply options. Also now able to use multiple food types for pigs and chickens.
  • Updated some of the building models


  • Slaughterhouse preference checkboxes were not saved
  • Pigs or chickens trader could deliver to the same pigsty or chicken coop if arrived at the same time
  • Eggs trade was still a bit off (also leading to corrupted other deals and spamming with wagons)
  • A blue screen after clicking on newcomer portrait
  • Crash when chopping trees near the map border
  • Crash when have a corrupted file in saves folder
  • Crash when a grandparent outlives all other family members
  • Market stalls and forestries could keep reserves for dead people
  • Improved time calculation (should fix the worker stalling bug, but can’t check since it’s a very rare bug)
  • Two workers at a carpentry could mess up oxen leading to random crashes
  • Some building models had glitchy triangles
  • Fixed several minor UI issues
  • Newcomer families could have children with negative age showing as newborn for years

Some problems may still persist in old saves, but won’t appear again.

To update your game you can just download it again from Humble with the same link they sent you when you purchased the game and then replace it completely with your current version. Your saves and options will stay.

If you have lost your link, you can use this tool to regain access:

If you have errors regarding “MSVCP140.dll” you need to install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017. Here’s the direct link for 32-bit version: and here for 64-bit: