Alpha 2 patch 3

The last update was a bit of a mess so this one brings it all to order along with adding a couple of new things:


  • Can now mark a cow or a pig as “protected” so it won’t be taken for slaughter automatically
  • Added 4 new music tracks
  • Added a sound notification when messenger arrives


  • Pigs and chicks still died without wheat even if other food available
  • Severe visual problems when choosing lower texture settings
  • Builders had serious problems building houses
  • Could not set supply options in farms

To update your game you can just download it again from Humble with the same link they sent you when you purchased the game and then replace it completely with your current version. Your saves and options will stay.

If you have lost your link, you can use this tool to regain access:

If you have errors regarding “MSVCP140.dll” you need to install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017. Here’s the direct link for 32-bit version: and here for 64-bit: