Alpha 3 hotfix 1

Traditional quick fixes after release!

There’s also a known issue of workers getting stuck on the field. If you have a save before this happens, please send me at


  • Increased the font size in help windows


  • Crash when a wagon returns to the shed (in some cases)
  • Key bindings didn’t work correctly
  • Crash when clicking the town hall button before the camp started
  • Crash when clicking “Save” the second time before there’s any autosaves.
  • Crash when emptying some buildings
  • Crash when using an eyedropper tool
  • Crash after demolishing a bridge
  • Stone stack on construction site didn’t show properly
  • Crash after bridge (and possibly some other buildings) construction finished
  • Lime kiln could stuck on gathering

More fixes coming soon. Thanks for backlogging me with feedback!