Alpha 3 hotfix 2

A little more fixes. Thanks everyone for reports (still going through my backlog)


  • Help text for water platform
  • Now showing path to save folder in Save/Load screens


  • Chicken relocation getting stuck when chickens died
  • Tannery stopped working when gathered 4999 units of water
  • Could build a farm filed partially on water
  • Couldn’t demolish an empty lime kiln
  • Chapel was a requirement even if there’s a church
  • Crash when trying to put down a building
  • Wagons could deliver more resources than available (also created a lot of mess with numbers)
  • Limestone mining could stop if stone deposits are inaccessible
  • Crash when gathering harvest from demolished fields
  • Crash when a wagon returns to the shed (another one)
  • Scrolling issue in saves list
  • Could add duplicates in granary
  • Panning didn’t work correctly if set to RMB or MMB