Alpha 3 patch 1


  • Added a description for Empty function
  • Added some more on-screen reminders on how to start your town (Clay pit, Thatchery, Charcoal pile, Forestry workers)
  • Construction menu now divides to pages if doesn’t fit on screen
  • Wagons will now need horseshoes and tack replacements after some time
  • Salaries and rents are now payed daily rather than every frame, thus making the economy consistent in all game speeds
  • Not allowing to demolish field with harvest anymore
  • Added tooltips on resource icons in tannery


  • Tannery stuck in gathering (rare)
  • Crash when relocating pigs
  • A carpenter could choose a horse that’s being relocated, leading to later crash
  • Could build coastal buildings in inaccessible areas
  • Construction workers had their path needlessly recalculated
  • Stone mining could stop if limestone deposits are inaccessible (yeah, vice versa)
  • Wagons could deliver the same construction resource twice (left in a building afterwards)
  • Church and chapel requirement didn’t care if its construction is not finished
  • Cows could be stuck relocation
  • Crash on loading some saves
  • Jerky movements of wagon wheels in later game
  • When demolishing a forestry, a leftover log could be never picked up
  • People and animals aged less if played on lower game speeds
  • Wagons never wear out
  • Wagon shed workers could neglect supplying for horses
  • Laborers in fact received the same wage as workers despite coefficient
  • A pig marked for slaughter manually could be slaughtered twice
  • Some weirdness during windmill demolishing
  • Horse tack trade was broken