Alpha 3 patch 2


  • Added a check to “Allow chopping trees” in reforestation area (will be protected otherwise)
  • Added new UI scale option: 250%
  • Added buttons in building panel to quickly search similar buildings

  • Can now specify builders wage in town hall
  • Can now hire counselors in town hall to manage seasonal hiring
  • Added new options to hire depending on season

  • Added notification when field nutrients are low
  • Can now disable snapping while creating fences
  • Added a help text for cart parking


  • Couldn’t assign mouse side buttons for anything
  • Could build on map entry point, leading to unexpected results
  • Crash when emptying a farm during harvest
  • Traders could buy more than we wanted to sell
  • Hay in a barrack became invisible in some cases
  • Could build fences outside map bounds
  • Some bridges didn’t make the other side accessible
  • Bridge preview showed wrong calculation of resources