Alpha 3 patch 3

This updates introduces some changes to resource/money balance so all feedback is welcome. There was a change in how trading works. Some players might consider it too easy, but the current solution is not final. More like it lays some foundation for future additions.


  • Not showing “soil is exhausted” icon if nothing can be done about it at the moment
  • New fullscreen mode – borderless window (can help with issues on some systems)
  • Some products costed nothing to citizens but created treasury money from nowhere
  • Changed the way demand and proposal work in outer trade
  • Improved “Make deal” dialog to include more useful information

  • Added “Apply to all” button for supply options
  • Slightly decreased tree planting priority over wood/firewood production at forestry
  • Edited some of the help entries
  • Minor UI changes


  • “Apply to all” now works for seasonal settings too
  • Fields could still be built partially on water
  • Lime kiln had confusing supply options
  • Crash when firing a farm manager
  • Some animated models had ghost-like appearance in some cases
  • No one wanted to pick the remaining charcoal from the pile
  • Crash when trying to relocate chickens to farm or cowshed
  • Crash in huge towns with 70+ farm fields
  • Wagons didn’t supply to trading posts
  • Crash involving demolishing on pause and “Next building” button
  • Potentially fixed a crash with boats on RX 5700 XT (need confirmation)
  • Cows disappeared when returning from pasture in some cases