Alpha 5 news

I know you’re getting nervous when there’s no news, but Ostriv is all about being chill and relaxed. Our goal has always been to make the best city building game possible, so that’s what we do. That’s what we do besides surviving a genocidal invasion.
Missile strikes, constant electricity blackouts and internet access problems are not exactly the best thing for business, but we’ve still managed to do some progress. Rowhouses are my personal favorite new feature, which also is one of the most labor-intensive to do organically and which pulls a lot of new requirements. I mean you can’t have 3-storey buildings and not have cobblestone roads, right?

(nevermind the placeholder models)

Most of the new buildings are brick, so there’s a new production chain dedicated to bricks. One of the raw materials for bricks is sand, so we need sand pits in addition to clay pits. This leads us to another feature which will determine where you have available clay and where you have sand.

Alpha 5 will also introduce health mechanics, so there’s a lot of new requirements for simulation to handle sudden citizen’s inability to go to work or die before their parents.

I’m sure you can’t wait for all of it to be released, but so am I. Big update usually means more sales, which means more money, which means we can buy more stuff for those who defend our right to live and create. So it’s in our best interest to deliver as soon as possible. Whenever that is.