First 10 days online

The moment when I started telling people about my game gave me some unusual feelings. I suddenly realized that there’s one aspect of my project, that is much more underdeveloped than any other. Yes, this is the aspect of building the community. The whole game code base, models, textures, etc – all made me feel absolutely confident after more than 2 years of development (not to speak of 10 years learning gamedev stuff). But this PR thing reminded me the feeling of being useless and still having a lot of things to learn. Anyway, the fact that one can not build a community out of nothing in 10 days is quite obvious:) Now I see it’s a long hard road, but I definitely know where I’m going.

Despite that promotion took a lot of my energy, I still managed to made some progress in development for last week. There’s 4 new models in game (still WIP):

plough stall well and dog-rose models

Also I prototyped plough construction (as well as some other vehicles) in carpenter’s workshop, made fullscreen/window switch in options, made save-loading for building resources, somewhat optimized trees and plants rendering with frustum culling, and added some features to my animation tool… Yes, I have my own animation program:) The thing is, when I started to learn about interacting with existing animation file formats and tools, I permanently got bored and craved for something more creative. That’s all:)

Next. I finally starting to figure out what will the UI be. And I almost starting to like it. I hope you’ll see it near future. Meanwhile, here’s something I’m experimenting with building placement visualization now:

building placement

Well, I think that’s it for now. Thanks for reading, and here’s what I’m currently on with water reflections, btw:

water reflections glsl