Status report and closed testing announcement

Okay, let’s get straight to it. This report will be short and mostly technical just so you know how many stuff is happening.

– improved frustum culling for terrain mesh (got a couple more FPS)
– improved quality of minimap rendering
– creating new families from grown-up citizens
– ability to resize or remove fields

– every field is now bound to specific farm
– removed grass from steep slopes

– Citizens now automatically open doors when passing through
– Created a huge list of names and surnames and generated declensions with some JavaScript coding. Will be a hell of a job for localizers.

– Using those names in game
– Fixed some bugs with water reflection

– Basic crop rotation

– Added another boat type for river trading
– Horses are now more dynamic inside stable pasture

– Improved animation on agents turn
– A bunch of new building models
– Improved bridge construction animation

– Gathering citizen stats as one of jobs you can assign to town hall employees
– Finally, got normal mapping working:
normal mapping

– Improved model editor
– Created some normal maps
– Improved fence model
– Pottery building with basic production

– A solution for wheels on a bridge. Looks dumb but it actually made absolutely any multilayered structures possible.

– Testing the game. A lot of random bug fixes

– Another improvement for model editor. This time it’s about defining construction sequences.

– Basic “demolish building” functionality
– Save/loading for procedural trampled paths
– Black smoke from smeltery’s chimney
– Storing citizen’s experience for every type of work
– A couple of decorative models

– A cool looking log carrying animation:

– Rebuilding guard patrolling paths, when city topology changed
– Added normal mapping for terrain

– Improved save/loading again
– A tool to view any agent’s current path. Priceless for debugging, and I think just nice looking for players who want know everything:

– Roof tiles and wood shingles are now used as resources for construction
– Basic tooltips functionality
– Showing a clickable list of workers in building properties
– A simple money income/outcome report

– Migrants are coming to city only if there’s decent amount of food and jobs.
– Snapping fences to predefined building points
– Managers: they can be assigned to some buildings to increase productivity and unlock some more features, like crop rotation on farms
– Added a button to order a plough from the farm. Orders are then taken by local carpenters.

– Hunting whole day for one bug

– And finally fixed it in the morning
– Some very productive work on trade deals. I’m finally getting something that looks simple and interesting at once.

– Another great testing and planning for the rest of May.

It’s not the full list. I only chosen what should make some sense to you:)

The game is now becoming more and more like an actual game and I’m really starting to enjoy it! So I have good feeling that it can reach the state of closed testing in next couple of months (I know, I said that before).

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