Testers wanted!

While I’m making some final preparations, you can fill in this simple form to get involved in closed testing of city-building game Ostriv.

I should warn you beforehand, that this game build is far from final: it works only on Windows, contains only first 23 building types, UI is minimal, some animations are missing, loads of bugs etc. The main goal is to see the weakest spots in the main gameplay decisions and get reasonable feedback particularly on gameplay.

As long as it is a closed testing, you can not disclose screenshots and videos to the public.

As soon as I’ll get everything ready, I’ll start sending test builds. I think it will hapen in the course of next week.

If there’s too many volunteers, probably, not everyone will get involved. I’ll choose based on placement of stars and planets, so try to be more descriptive.

UPD Jul 18 2017: testing is now in progress, but you can still apply. I’m approving applications in batches to have always fresh minds when I release new patch.
UPD: closed testing is over now
How should I call you

What kind of human you are, names of all your cats, chocolate or vanilla. If we talked before, remind me about it here.

PC specs
Now serious. First of all I need your Windows version, CPU model (e.g. AMD FX-8350), video card (e.g. GeForce GTX770) and amount of RAM. If you have several machines, you’re free to list them as well.

Gaming experience
Previous experience in city building and management (can be just a list of titles)

Review example
Pick any of games above and describe what you think are its pros and cons

If by some reason you still haven’t:


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