Patch 8 release notes

For those who somehow didn’t notice, I remind that a city-building game Ostriv is now on closed testing stage. And I have to admit, this was really a damn right decision. A numerous team of testers gathered so much useful information, that would take a year for me to do it alone. Besides, it was a good opportunity to set up all the means for maintaining the feedback and send updates. Sure this will be very useful when the game goes public.

Also I’d like to thank all the testers for investing their time to fill in the application form with really inspiring stories! Yes, I read them all 🙂 Sure it takes a lot of time, but I’m happy to learn so much more about my audience!

Today I’m gonna release patch 8 for testing version of the game and send out 200 more keys for new testing applicants. Meanwhile, let’s see what’s in the upcoming update:


  • Prioritizing closest carts
  • Now resources can also be taken from paused construction
  • Production limits: allows to choose how much of each resource to produce
  • city-building game ostriv

  • Supply options for each building: allows to choose who supplies resources to it
  • city-building game ostriv

  • Tuned down some of annoying sounds
  • A cowshed can now use nearby fallow field (needs to be activated)
  • Worker is not going back to workplace if workday is over (can go home directly)
  • Improved movement algorythm: better performance, not getting stuck on low fps
  • Showing nutrient demand for each crop in crop selection menu
  • city-building game ostriv

  • Now on citizen panel you can choose to show his/her path or follow him/her
  • Also showing carried resource in citizen panel
  • Showing migration status in empty houses properties + improved its readability
  • Can also move with arrow keys now (All keys will be optional later)
  • Clay is not refunded from deconstruction anymore. Refunding some nails though
  • Much better code for handling fields: less hiccups, smooth plowing, less navigation fails and crashes
  • Highlighting currently selected building in build queue
  • Less overlapping of fishing boats
  • Rotate field entry with R and T
  • A simple income/expences breakdown table in economy panel
  • city-building game ostriv

  • Use ostriv_settings.exe to disable multisampling or anisotropic filtering (solves some hardware issues)
  • city-building game ostriv

  • Updated readme.txt with some new information


  • Now can normally snap fields to each other (as intended)
  • Another ghost overlay after removing a field
  • Limiting multisampling to supported by GPU – preventing crash on some radeon cards
  • Amount of clay in a pit was increased on each game load
  • Issue with missed keys (WASD or Alt)
  • Newborn cows was not assigned to a cowshed
  • Bottom panel had wrong hitboxes in fullscreen mode
  • Now showing shadow on fences
  • No more kids too old for their mother
  • Small technical improvement preventing some hiccups
  • Bottom panel didn’t work on first click sometimes
  • Now can order plough even when ox is walking 🙂
  • Routes on worldmap should be displayed correctly on all screen sizes now
  • Incorrect behaviour of construction milestones (building roof before the walls)
  • Sometimes resources could stay reserved after families moved out
  • Now saving doors state properly
  • Crash after save-loaded during boat construction
  • Boat workshop guy can’t walk on water anymore. No underground rowing as well
  • Random crash on pausing construction
  • Stuck on construction when have nails but no wood
  • Sometimes hole disappeared from the well after save/load
  • Some navigation wierdness after demolishing buildings
  • Selection outline for fields was incorrect
  • No more construction flags under water
  • Current crop in crop rotation wasn’t properly saved
  • When ordered oxen or bulls but no cows, nothing was delivered
  • A house between other houses didn’t snap fences
  • A house fence wrongfully removed in certain snapping conditions
  • Can’t place houses overlapping with other houses anymore
  • Proper saving for current agent animation, wagon position and terraforming
  • Now when cancelling construction, foresters will stop chopping trees for it
  • Construction stucked on removing trees after loading game
  • Now changing tree chopping priority when construction priority changed
  • Some more thigs I was too lazy/busy to write down

Remember that you can discuss the game with other testers on a subreddit: as long as you avoid posting screenshots and videos. All the immediate news from me on Twitter! See you there!