Patch 9 release notes

There’s really a lot, so I’ll skip right to it:


  • Town hall building: allows to set basic wage, local prices for products and house rent
  • Now we have a (temporarily) useless mayor
  • Added separate camp storage: stays until all resources used
  • New Oil workshop building: can produce oil from sunflower seeds. Citizens will use it for cooking
  • Builders can now deliver construction resources if no other task
  • Improved construction resource delivery order
  • Selecting and demolishing fences
  • Should now snap fences and fields with no problems
  • A UI for cart parking with ability to relocate cart with a simple drag-and-drop
  • Demolishing empty parking
  • Now displaying numbers in more human-friendly way
  • Popup window on population showing employment and migration info
  • Firewood is now a required resource for citizens (like food and water)
  • New settings: VSync and locking frame rate at 30 fps
  • New cool-looking fishing boat model
  • Showing trade wagon cargo
  • Now messengers from other towns can randomly visit
  • Changed some products trade prices + minor fixes in worldmap window
  • Visualizing pregnancy
  • Citizens can now switch jobs if found something more desirable
  • Can now set market slot back to “none”
  • Some rough “sit down” and “stand up” animations
  • Can now demolish benches
  • Nicer icons for some resources
  • UI for farm fields: can now control crop rotation from one place, add up to 6 rotation slots, change field priority by drag-and-drop
  • Zoom on Z and X keys
  • Can now take resources from building being demolished
  • Improved UI for workers list: fire with right button, showing popup with current worker state
  • Changed the look of object selection for better visibility in winter
  • Improved a bit citizens portraits
  • Showing how much trees needed to remove to place a building
  • Cowshed UI: a list of all livestock. Can also relocate to other cowshed with drag-and-drop
  • Made ploughing more effective
  • Assigned farm workers now also participate in sowing/harvesting
  • Showing max field output on field creation
  • Some resources models to be displayed on carts and in hands (fish, thatch, potato, wheat, flour, nails, hay)
  • A tooltip with % values for nutrients indicator
  • Made some invisible steps towards localization
  • Changed some buildings footprints to avoid navigation problems
  • Showing error message if video card doesn’t support OpenGL 4.3
  • Added basic context help functionality for some of the buildings


  • Bug when particular families always left unemployed
  • Crash when the butcher tries to go for one of the cows born in a town
  • Leather wasn’t delivered at shoemaker’s workshop
  • Wrong windmill door saving
  • Bug with no UI on Intel Iris Graphics 540
  • Crash when removing trees for placed field
  • Crash when exiting game right after building demolished
  • Sometimes cart was falling behind citizen pulling it
  • Weird behavior when saving game in building placement mode
  • Some resource supply options weren’t saved properly
  • Now correctly removing trade deals from list
  • A ploughed dot appeared on fields after load. Also some madness happened to ploughed soil visuals sometimes
  • Changing construction priority didn’t work correctly (or even crashed) in some cases
  • Field harvesting madness seems to be gone
  • Navigation around windmill involved a lot of teleportation
  • A couple of bugs specific to Intel videocards (and maybe some of AMD’s)
  • Messy UI after “Demolish” clicked
  • Bug when some construction resources were left in completed building
  • Bug when some immigrants played walk animation on wagon while creating dead firewood reserves
  • Cows on pasture now prefer walking rather than teleporting
  • Other minor stuff

Still a lot of work to do, but I’m feeling like it’s really possible to see the first public alpha by the end of September. Looks like I’m gonna spend next month making stuff look nice:)

For testers:
The patch 9 is now uploaded on Humble. If you already have a key, you can download it from your library. Otherwise watch your mailbox for a link. See you!

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