Alpha 1 patch 5

A long-awaited fifth patch is ready now. This time I spent a lot of time trying to optimize performance, visible only on certain systems though. I had in plans much more to add to this patch, but couldn’t make you wait any longer. I guess the next patch will come much sooner.


  • added a chicken coop building for breeding chicken for meat and eggs. The functionality is pretty basic now, which I’m gonna expand based on your feedback:
  • can now set laborers limit in any building
  • slightly reduced a fallow field benefit
  • the soil has a memory for nutrients in any point, so rebuilding a field doesn’t restore nutrients now
  • more graphical options: texture quality, shadow quality and more flexible FPS limit. Also updated ostriv_settings.exe
  • replaced all building icons with hi-res ones for 4K monitors
  • optimized performance on some systems (more optimizations are coming)


  • a UI bug allowed to add unlimited crop rotation slots
  • random crash on picking up resources
  • can’t store hay in a warehouse anymore
  • new local families never had children
  • some wells didn’t have a hole in them
  • now showing required resources for a well in UI

some problems may still persist in old saves, but won’t appear again.

To update your game you can just download it again from Humble with the same link they sent you when you purchased the game and then replace it completely with your current version. Your saves will stay.

If you have errors regarding “MSVCP140.dll” you need to install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017. Here’s the direct link: